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Modular unmanned surface vehicle

First commercially-ready USV from H2O-Robotics offering versatility and latest technology in a single vehicle.

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H2Omni-X is autonomous unmanned surface platform specialized for seafloor and surface surveying, mapping and inspection.

Thanks to innovative technology and state-of-the-art equipment it can also serve as a support vehicle for AUVs or divers providing two-way communication, tracking and monitoring of equipment and personnel.

Due to its modular and clever design it can easily be operated by a single person. This means logistics and deployment are simpler than with any other similar vehicle!

By using different sensors on board or configuration options, the platform can be modified for a new mission in under an hour!


Bathymetry Survey

Bathymetry is the study of underwater depth of lake or ocean floors i.e. it is the underwater equivalent to topography.

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R&D – Open multipurpose development platform

R&D associated with autonomous robotic vehicles, requires development of versatile and advanced capabilities related to autonomous operations.

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Visual-Optical Survey

Visual survey is technique that provides imagery or video of the underwater environment taken from the USV.

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Water Quality Survey

Water quality survey measures chemical, physical or biological characteristics of water relative to the requirements.

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Depending on the mission you plan to execute, different software and sensor payload is necessary. In addition to the standard payload we support (listed below), we can integrate any sensorics you might already have at your company/institution. Contact us to discuss options!

  • Navigation
  • IMU
  • USBL
  • Software/Algorithms
  • Autopilot
  • Application-specific software
  • Mission planning
  • Sensors
  • Dry/wet camera
  • Environmental sensors
  • Laser scanner
  • Kinect
  • ADCP
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In some cases using Omni-X as an omni-directional platform is not suitable. For example, mapping a large area, pipeline or river bottom require faster operation and longer range. This is where catamaran and gasoline options of Omni-X come handy!


Increase Speed & Range

This option modifies the physical layout of the vehicle by lifting it up onto two floaters which, together with refitting the thrusters, makes the vehicle more suitable for long-range scanning operations.


Increase Autonomy

This is an additional option which can be combined with the catamaran option, giving the vehicle even greater range for most enduring missions.


  • Lightweight 15kg + battery 1
  • Highly maneuverable Omnidirectional with dynamic positioning
  • Open source software architecture ROS Kinetic on Ubuntu
  • Thrust and speed 4 x thruster ; max speed: 1.0 m/s 2
  • Housing Waterproof monocoque carbon-fiber shell, PVC floaters
  • On-board computer i3 to i7, SSD, up to 32GB RAM
  • Power 12V AGM Gel Battery 1
  • Connectivity Wireless (2.4 GHz network) and Wire (ethernet)
  • Control Autonomous mode 3 Manual mode: Radio Control, Joystick over Wi-Fi
  • Navigation IMU, GPS / RTK, Acoustics
  • Additional equipment Underwater and above-water video cameras, sonars, acoustic modems

1Lithium battery optional

2Speed with 200W thrusters, option to upgrade

3Capabilities: go-home, mission planning, object following, formation keeping, collision detection and avoidance


Purchasing price Contact us

Renting price depends on the inquiry. To get a quote, send us a message.

First commercially-ready USV offering versatility and latest technology in a single vehicle.

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