Water Quality Survey

Water quality survey measures chemical, physical or biological characteristics of water relative to the requirements. Autonomous in-situ measurement of the large areas significantly reduces the time and effort for that task. In case of water pollution generated by accidental spill of hazardous materials, the environmental survey performed by USV-based system would be of great help providing rapid understanding of the location and the extent of the spill, to effectively establish an appropriate response.


Customers that need an autonomous or remotely operated portable system for in-situ water sampling in applications such as:

  • real-time environmental survey
  • water quality monitoring
  • pollution monitoring
  • pollution response


OMNI vehicle equipped with the water quality sensor of interest and one or two high-precision GPSs for navigation and geo-referencing of the measurements. We successfully integrated number of Cyclops 7 sensors (Turner Design) and tested the system in real applications. Integration of other sensors is possible.

Optional: shoreside base station provides extended wireless link operator-vehicle and GPS RTK functionality (serves as portable RTK base).

Operation flow

  1. Attach and connect the sensor to the vehicle. Turn the vehicle on and check if all processes are running correctly.
  2. Perform survey
    1. Scenario 1: Autonomous survey/mapping of pre-defined area.
      1. Using supporting planning and diagnostic software, pre-plan the mission in the area of interest and deploy the vehicle
      2. Monitor the mission progress and real-time water quality measurements through the wireless link
      3. Upon completion, recover the system and download log files from the vehicle
    2. Scenario 2: Manual survey with remotely operated USV
      1. Deploy and pilot the vehicle to the survey site
      2. Monitor the water quality data through the wireless link
      3. Upon completion, recover the system and download log files from the vehicle

Case studies

Visual survey of marine structure


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