R&D - Open multipurpose development platform

R&D associated with autonomous robotic vehicles, requires development of versatile and advanced capabilities related to autonomous operation such as mission planning, sensor fusion, perception and decision making or operational and energy efficiency. Portable, highly manoeuvrable multi-purpose Omni-X vehicle, ready for operation and based on software architecture suitable for further development, represents an ideal platform for testing, experimentation and evaluation.


Researchers and developers that need a platform that is open and very suitable for further development:

  • Autonomous or remotely operated
  • Convenient for experimentation/operation, one-man portable
  • Highly manoeuvrable - omnidirectional motion capability (moves in all directions)
  • Software development friendly - onboard software is based on Robot Operating system (ROS) architecture
  • Offers broad spectrum of development options – from low-level to advanced high- decisional-level
  • Easy integration of variety of payload: communication and localisation, remote sensing, in-situ sensors


OMNI-X vehicle with custom defined sensing, communication and positioning payload. Vehicle could be prepared for different development interest (e.g. access to low-level actuator control), for motion control development or with already integrated advanced features such as path following or dynamic positioning for e.g. optimal area coverage.

Optional: shoreside base station provides extends range of wireless link operator-vehicle and provides GPS RTK functionality (serves as portable RTK base).